Welcome to Simphony-Lammps’s documentation!


The LAMMPS engine-wrapper for the SimPhoNy framework (www.simphony-project.eu).

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simphony-lammps is hosted on github: https://github.com/simphony/simphony-lammps


Optional requirements

To support the documentation built you need the following packages:

  • sphinx >= 1.2.3
  • sphinxcontrib-napoleon >= 0.2.10


The package requires python 2.7.x. Installation is based on setuptools:

# build and install
python setup.py install


# build for in-place development
python setup.py develop

LAMMPS installation

This engine-wrapper uses LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulator. A recent stable version (11 Aug 2017) of LAMMPS is supported and has been tested. See install_lammps.sh for an example installation instructions. For general LAMMPS install information, see http://lammps.sandia.gov/index.html

LAMMPS installation varies depending on which interface is being used. See the manual for more details. SimPhoNy-lammps in file-mode will look for LAMMPS binary named lammps. You can change this by setting the SIM_LAMMPS_BIN environment variable.


After installation, the user should be able to import the lammps engine plugin module by:

from simphony.engine import lammps
  engine = lammps.LammpsWrapper()


To run the full test-suite run:

python -m unittest discover


To build the documentation in the doc/build directory run:

python setup.py build_sphinx


  • One can use the –help option with a setup.py command to see all available options.
  • The documentation will be saved in the ./build directory.

Directory structure

  • simlammps – hold the lammps wrapper implementation

    • bench - benchmarking
    • common - contains general global files
    • config - holds configuration related files
    • internal - internal library communication with LAMMPS
    • io – file-io related communication with LAMMPS
    • testing – testing related utilities
  • examples – holds different examples

  • doc – Documentation related files

    • source – Sphinx rst source files
    • build – Documentation build directory, if documentation has been generated using the make script in the doc directory.

EDM deployment

Enthought Deployment Manager packages can be created with:

python edmsetup.py egg

See documentation in simphony/buildrecipes-common for more information

API Reference

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